.Monster Trouble Dark Side

Monster Trouble Dark Side is inspired by Monster Trouble HD to propose a new type of game called Reverse Tower Defense.

A year away from his first game for the iPad, which became famous for being awarded the title of Game of the Week in 85 countries, the studio Magic Dream Games offers a beautiful and fun game with exciting graphics and addictive gameplay.

With MOnster Trouble Dark Side you are the strategist behind a horde of little monsters and you are charged with the task of conquering the Great Lands to retrieve the talisman of the Moon Shadows.

It will not be easy, the defenses prepared by humans are powerful and you'll have to use all of your cunning to succeed in the task.

Monster Trouble Dark Side is a strategy game with an arcade twist, sophisticated enough to please the fans of the genre but also intuitive enough to be played by those who looks for the first time at strategy games.

The main feature of MT Dark Side is simply: beautiful and fun.

The environments designed with obsession to details and the excellent animations of the different characters make the game a little masterpiece.

.killer Features

▢ Powered by The Urgh Game Engine.


▢ Replay all levels in survival mode.

▢ Variable weather, with frequent rain and storms.

▢ Day and night light cycle.

▢ Up to ten different monsters each with unique characteristics.

▢ Four types of power-ups can be used to give special powers to the monsters.

▢ Ten original game maps of great artistic quality.

▢ Five different types of defenders each with special powers.

▢ Twenty-four levels of play with inceasing complexity.

▢ Up to four different levels of difficulty, to make the game accessible to everybody.

▢ Localization in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

▢ Gamecenter support.

▢ All missions can be replayed at will.

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