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Racing Glider is a game of acrobatics flight whose subject is a strange kind of hang glider with pedals, the same kind of glider that all flying enthusiasts have dreamed of being able to ride in their childhood.

The game has been designed to run on a mobile device by focusing on control systems typical of these devices such as touch screens and accelerometers.

Piloting the glider requires no special skills, an eight years old boy can sit at the controls of this fantastic machine. The instrumentation is reduced to a minimum, as well as controls, in order to give the pilot the pleasure of free flight.

The scenarios in which Racing Glider takes place are crafted with attention to details and colors, making the game very immersive and providing the player with the impression of a fantastic yet very realistic landscape.

Each session of the game can be fully recorded, so the player can quikly review his performances and share them with friends.

During the replay of the session the player can choose to view the scene from different types of cameras (near the aircraft or on the territory) . Reviewing the flight sessions with friends or on your TV can be a unique and exciting experience.

Racing Glider includes three types of gameplay. The race against time, the shooting of ballons and shooting at a target. In the race against time players must pay close attention to the path and can not enjoy the landscape, while in the other two cases, the gameplay is more centered on exploration of the territory providing a feeling of relaxation. The game as a whole combines three different territories with three types of gameplay for a total of 27 levels of increasing difficulty.

The various levels are characterized by changing weather conditions at different time of the day, furthermore the physics of the simulator is very realistic and can influence the performance of the aircraft. Landing with the hang glider in the middle of a storm is not an easy task.

.killer Features

▢ Three types of gameplay with race and exploration.

▢ Up to 27 different levels with increasing level of difficulty.

▢ Variability of the weather conditions.

▢ Record and replay of the game session using several cameras.

▢ Immersive and detailed flight scenarios.

▢ Controlling the glider is very simple.

▢ Accuracy of the physics of flight.

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