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Our Games We're really proud.

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Game Polishing

Game marketing starts within the game creation.
Polishing : making things better in order to present the best Game.
Improving Retainment & Engagement thorugh gameplay and call to action.

Game Monetization

We are able to help you get the best revenue out of your game
Choosing the best monetization model.
Optimizing in-app purchases and engagement.
Working with all the major Ad-Networks.
Ad-Networks campaigns are under our control.
Monetizing Far East Markets

Game Marketing

Creating social presence.
Making players happy and engaged to our brand.
We select only quality games 90% of which have been featured worldwide
We are able to market every game category on iOS , Android Mac , PC through our channels and our publishing network


Publishing is not just loading a game to a Store...

NuOxygen is an internationally focused publisher of videogames and tools capable of high level productions.
NuOxygen specializes in the publication of interactive entertainment software and graphic tools but provides also commercial and industrial Apps. An ambitious team with long-time experience in the game industry, an innovative corporate concept, and a strong network of global partners are NuOxygen's great advantages.

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